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A few more thoughts


Take a look at Jane Eagland’s poem The Knitted Woman on this site. I really like it. It’s funny how knitting has connected me with a whole community of wool sellers, pattern studiers, women who know the vocabulary of needles. My mum even told me about a dying friend of hers whose last request was that she should be allowed to knit whilst gasping her last breath! When you trip into another world like this, you wonder what else there is going on out there. For instance, cake making, or pressing flowers, or painting eggs…who knows what goes on in these quiet creative worlds?

I am on Women’s Hour on Thursday, talking to Jenni Murray. I am a bit nervous, but I do love the programme, and she is such an experienced interviewer that one is steered through any choppy waters. Also some of this blog is being published in The Times Weekend mag on Saturday. The editor has picked some interesting bits over the time I have been writing it, full of ups and downs, trips to Rio, symptoms, achievements and miseries.

Otherwise my face is still hurting. Doesn’t anyone know what to do about neuralgic pain? The NHS says I have tried all the drugs available. Most of them send me to sleep. I am sure there is something out there. Hot wheat bags, acupuncture, neurofen, facials, hypnotherapy all help a bit, but nothing gets rid of it. If anyone knows of anything let me know. I have chased off many symptoms, but this one is stubborn and mysterious. But the fact that it comes and goes makes me believe I can shift it!

Perhaps the hot sun of Umbria will melt it away, but that’s not until May.