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August In The City


I think, because I was raised in a school environment as my father taught at a public school, I find it very odd staying in the same place in August. We always went to the Isle of Wight in the Summer, leaving any thoughts of organised work behind. Now, I am working in the university during August, and it’s very strange. Rooms are being painted, carpets being laid, and yet everything is rather sleepy. I feel as if I shouldn’t be here, but there is something quite relaxing about it too.

At home I’m reading ‘The Clan of The Cave Bear’..the first book of a deliciously long series of stories about cave people. I have just bought a hammock! I am really looking forward to travelling to Mauritius. I remember saying that I thought my travelling days were over,,,well, they’re not. I love Newcastle, but it’s at its best in the Spring, or the Autumn. I am even looking forward to the airports and tickets.

But I must work very, very hard for the next two weeks. I have so many Autumn deadlines..and things I want to get finished. I have been writing new poems for the next collection, which I hope will be published this year.

This morning, for the first time in my life, I phoned the council to complain about the rubbish in the streets. They were very polite. There are quite a few things I feel like complaining about. It must be something to do with aging. I went with my family to see Farenheight 9/11 at the cinema, and even though I think it’s a very manipulative film, I still feel furious with the white male world that has led us to drop bombs on innocent people. It’s been a despicable period in history. I must get on with the manifesto and put all my furies and feelings of injustices into that.

The blood transfusion has left me feeling much better, and more patient and positive. One of the things I hate about energy loss is that it makes you feel as if you don’t care, and also very difficult to live with. Suddenly the DIY doesn’t seem so irritating, and I generally feel like a nicer person. I have a hospital appointment this week. I assume we will set up another round of scans. Oh yawn!