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Coming home Wednesday 30th July


I’m in Rio again, after a journey to Brasilia, then up to the mountains where I saw a healer. The visit was odd, and hard to assimilate somehow. A Brazilian friend drove us up to ‘the casa’ which in a one horse town with one wide dusty road, flanked by garages and bars. It was the kind of place you pass through on the way to somewhere else. We drove down some back streets to a pousada which was clean, very dark inside, friendly and basic. No one spoke English. I have longed to be able to speak Portugese on this trip. Our Brazilian friend sorted out what we were supposed to do. You went to the casa, to see the healer, at 8.00 am, and all would become clear. We were to wear white, and on no account should we wander into the crystal garden without the healer’s permission. So, after going to bed at about 9.00 pm ,as there was no night life in this tiny town, we put on our white pyjamas that we had bought at C and A in Brasilia, and found ourselves wandering down the dirt road along with several hundred other white clad people. It was like dreaming, or like we were being summoned by aliens. The casa was a cluster of simple white and blue buildings, rather like a hospital. There was a garden, a cafe, a large hall, and a dispensary. Everyone shuffled into the main hall, waiting for instructions. There were helpers dressed in blue coats who spoke English. Everyone was patient. many people looked very ill, and desperate. there were poor Brazilians, Americans in coach loads, children, people in wheelchairs. I glanced into a room and saw a pile of discarded crutches.

In the large hall there was a film of miracuklous operations being played continuously. This showed the healer cutting tumours, or just reaching into people’s bodies as they stood calmly on a platform. It was quite hard to watch. there wasn’t much blood, and no one showed any signs of pain. After the operations people were sewn up with large needles. The healer is doing these operations unconsciously…he is occupied by spirits. No one gets infections.

So we waited in queues, divided up according to how many times we had visited the casa. I was holding a red ticket, standing in the first timers queue. We waited for three hours. In the end we shuffled into rooms filled with meditating people. These were called the current rooms. You moved through these, concentrating on positive thoughts, as we had been told to prepare ourselves to meet the healer. In the last of three rooms he sat barefooted, looking quite relaxed and not like a star at all. Apparently he sees each person like a blueprint. He glanced at each of us, then scribbled a note which gave an instruction. This might be to take herbs, to meditate, to lie on a crystal bed, to have an operation, or, like me, to return at 2.00 as he couldn’t make his mind up, or the right spirit wasn’t available. My friend was told to come back and to sit in the current rooms.

So that afternoon I waited in the 2.00 pm line until 3.30 pm, then was told I would have an operation and to take herbs. This was to be an invisible operation, not a slicy open sort.

I will continue this later….internet connection has nearly run out!