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Fresh and Januaryish


Just had a lovely facial. I am feeling really well after some fantastic sleeps…the kind of sleeps that make you feel as if you are floating in a field of feathers. I have had some good negotiations with my face pain. I think this is how one must deal with symptoms…sit them down and talk to them, and work out what gets them going. I reckon I have been giving my face too much attention. It needs a hot water bottle and a stern attitude. It hasn’t been half so bad recently.

Gradually normal life re-establishes itself…writers are drifting back into the English school where I work. Computers are humming, waste paper baskets are being emptied.

I have taken up knitting. It gives me enormous pleasure and I am sure it works as well as meditation. I am knitting scarves with holes in them for every member of my family!

This week I am going to Manchester to record ‘Appointments.’ I’ll be taking the knitting and a range of bath stuffs so that I can have swift recuperating breaks. I’m reading Bob Dylan’s autobiography….god, he was a bit of an old grump….not exactly a bundle of laughs. Yet, in Chronicles, there are some astounding passages of description and opinion. It’s worth looking at just for that. I was thinking how the song lyrics that we listened to as teenagers are ground into the core of our hearts, much more than any poem. I can recite Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Patti Smith, Joan Armatrading. Songs are so important..we carry them with us throughout our lives.

My New Year was delightful. I danced up and down the street with the neighbours and hung out with glowing friends. I really enjoyed myself, drank alot of cava and ate large amounts of sweet cake.

But I like this January spartan feeling…I love clearing up the tinsel and baubles. I like the bare, hard look of things. I have bought a black jumper. Roll on 2005!!