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Friday night, about midnight, in bed with laptop!


This Christmas I cleverly put sparkle on my eyelids and then had an allergic reaction, so I looked like a boxer with two black eyes. But I enjoyed myself all the same. I watched that brilliant animation about Belle Ville. Didn’t do any cooking. Walked around the Shropshire countryside which seemed to me to be full of secret hideaways, and intelligent looking cows. I read a Barbara Vine murder mystery, and my mum and sister both read the manuscript of the new novel and gave useful comments. I sat on a step at nights and looked up at the stars. I went and meditated in Hereford Cathedral with my daughter and thought about all the people I care about. This Christmas we had alot of fun with a plastic dance kareoke mat…a chinese version of Kylie Minogue squeaks as you stamp out dance steps on the mat. I also had many frothy baths, in a large and ornate bathroom with the bath in the middle of the room.

New Year was the same as always…parties in our street…more kareoke….I tried so hard to get drunk, but failed. I used to love a good old drink, but now I just lose interest. It was so cold outside, with swirling beads of freezing rain. There is something delirious about it all…I find at this time of year all my dreams and daily life get mixed up. Really I am a routine person….I need alot of regularity to function.

I am very grateful for 2003, (although it’s been a horrible year politically). I’ve been so healthy, something I didn’t expect, and it’s really felt like a kind of bonus. I was trying to write a poem about it, that sensation when you think that things are winding down, but then everything just gets more and more alive and exciting. Anyway, I’m counting my blessings. I haven’t made any resolutions really. I really want to answer mail at the end of the day rather than the beginning, so maybe I will try to do that. I must try to eat breakfast. I want to go and see more bands, also dry my hair with a hairdryer.

Happy 2004 to everyone out there!