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In A Dreamy Snow Storm


Yesterday I spent the day in bed writing, being a delicate writer. There is no shortage of ill writers..infact being bed ridden rather suits the writing profession. I listened to my radio play, but of course the phone kept ringing as it often does when you are trying to listen to the radio. Outside great fists of snow were falling and the room felt soundless and wrapped in bandages.

I was writing poems (spells and recipes) for my ‘First Aid Kit for The Mind,’ and pieces for A Manifesto For A New City, which starts rehearsals next week . I am also putting together a book of my plays and remembering the context in which they were written. They should be coming out in July. It’s amazing how many versions there are of everything. It’s all a terrible muddle! I feel as if I am tidying everything up. It’s nice, and so is the snow.

Being interviewed by Jenni M was a bit daunting. I had been to the doctors earlier for my faslodex injection, then zipped up to the BBC to do the interview down the line. They were really slow getting me hooked in and the interview felt rather sudden. Also, Jenni never said hallo, or goodbye, so it was a bit like suddenly playing an intense game of tennis with a virtual stranger. All the other radio things I have done one talks to the presenter for a bit. Anyway, I got through it, but I had to go back to bed and get up again and start the day again.

I have had so many interesting, uplifting emails from people who either heard the interview, or who read the Times piece, ( I would call myself more of a hiding-under-the-blankets woman than a warrior woman! Still I thought the editor, Jane Wheatley, did a wonderful job selecting excerpts from this blog) or who are listening to the plays on Women’s Hour. I have tried to reply to everyone, and I really hope I haven’t missed anyone out. It’s so encouraging to hear from other people with cancer, or poets, or people with ideas about writing and health. And thankyou for all the tips about face pain too. I am going to try a russian treatment called stennar. Not sure what it is yet..perhaps a contraption you lie in, like a space machine !

I had a very quiet weekend. Everyone else was away and I sloped around the house scribbling things in books and knitting (a blue and white blanket) and staring out of the window at our long steep garden. I feel like a bulb that is thinking about Spring. I am still reading Small Island. It’s really good, but I don’t long to return to it. I am not sure why. Dreamy days ! Thank god for porridge, yogurt, manuka honey, the radio, my ridiculously amusing cat.