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Monday 12th July. Home Again


You come back from running Arvon Writer’s Courses in a very odd state. I spent yesterday on the sofa watching meaningless tv. The courses are so intense and absorbing, and you get very involved in the participants. Amanda Dalton and I had a lovely group, who were mainly new to writing. They really worked hard and blossomed. We ran workshops in the mornings and then they had to get on with writing in the afternoons. We also had a guest reader, the novelist Leslay Glaister, who was wonderful, and a surprise celebrity guest, Jackie Kay, who popped in to run a workshop. I only left the house once! Lumb Bank is a wonderful old house..the gardens look out over a great valley, and it’s a very epic place. I have been there many times over the last twenty years, and I love working there as you can be as odd as you like and no one tells you off! I wonder what all our students are doing now, and if they are ok?

So now I am home in the wet Summer, and I have written a list of things I am trying to finish on the blackboard in my room…EEEEK. It’s very quiet in the English School, with no students, and rooms being refurbished. It’s kind of nice. I have just bought cream cakes from Marksies to have for our tea. When will it stop raining?