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New Years Eve 2004


mmmmmm……I have crept out of the country of Christmas and come to my room in the deserted university. Everything looks a bit dusty, waiting for instructions or something. It’s all been very happy though. I was staying in the Somerset levels, a place where villages were once islands, called Isle Abbots and Brewers and where i assume people rowed to see each other. We stayed in a warm, low cottage with pink walls and old beams, and ate red cabbage and goose and lay about like a tribe of happy monkeys. I got Patti Smith’s album The Tempest and Nina Simone, and a lovely zippy top, and bath stuff and interesting sweets and a beautiful home made cushion, and Bob Dylan’s autobiography. I read Bernice Rubens Nine Lives over Christmas, which was a bit frightening, but very good. I slept in a large iron bed, got up late and went to bed quite early. hardly watched any telly.

My face continues to be a bit of a problem. It feels as if it’s wrapped in an icy sheet, or that someone is poking small sharp pins into random parts of my cheek. It makes it hard to concentrate. Chewing is strange too. Also I keep on falling asleep. I think this is to do with fiddling with drugs. Sleep is so delicious though. I really love it. My insomnia days are quite gone. It’s a cave I can always retreat to.

Today, on New Year’s Eve, I am feeling quite tip top. This evening I shall wander around my street eating other people’s old mince pies.

Truthfully, I am frightened of 2005. God knows what will happen. It’s best not to think about it too much. I never thought I would get this far to be honest, though my legs still seem very beefy, and I have lots of things I am looking forward to this year. Poems are buzzing around my head like brightly coloured insects ! I am not going to make any resolutions. One day at a time, I reckon. Turn up the music!

I hope everyone out there is approaching 2005 with a sense of amazement. It’s not even cold any more! Outside it’s all light blue and pink. Have a good time tonight!