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One More Thing


Just had a very pleasureable afternoon with Neil Astley from Bloodaxe Books and the poet Cynthia Fuller,reading poems. There are so many brilliant poets out there. This afternoon we were looking at Selima Hill, Sarah Wardle, Leanne O Sullivan, Jane Kenyon, U A Fanthorpe, Kerry Hardie. Most people haven’t heard of most poets, but there is such alot to be found in contemporary poetry !

Anyway, I wanted to tell readers of this website about Penny Taylor, who I go to for various pamperings…facials, having my toenails painted, neck rubs, feet rubs, eyebrow tinting…everything really….Penny has just moved her practise to The Holiday Inn in Newcastle…she’s really reasonable, and she’s looking for new clients…I recommend her. Her mobile no is 0793 131 4255 email penny@pennytaylorescape.com