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PG Tips, baths and coverlets


I am finally returned from the merciless sun, slightly redder than before, but not much as I always sat in the shade.

I enjoyed my holiday in Ibiza immensely, but I am very relieved to return to England, land of hot water bottles,closed windows and heavy eiderdowns. Holidays are not very interesting unless something drastic happens, and on the whole it was accident free, so I shan’t go on about it. It’s not as if I went to Pacha every night. I have noticed that everywhere I go I compare it to the Isle of Wight, which shows how utterly English I am.

It is nice to be home, and I am feeling excited about Autumn and everything I am supposed to be doing. We have nearly finished the BBC film, and it will be shown in October. I am starting to regret the fact that I haven’t brushed my hair much lately, and I probably could have done with a bit of lippy, especially on the video diaries. Never mind. I shall probably shut my eyes the whole way through anyway.

Over the next few weeks I have to have a quick blast of radiotherapy on the back of my head which I am not much looking forward to. I am worried that my brain might fry. However, I know it is very effective for bones, and worth doing. Otherwise I am feeling fine, especially now I am back with my lovely deep bath tub.

In early October , for National Poetry Day, I am hosting a ‘poetry feast’ at the Literary and Philosophical society in Newcastle. Lots of poets have written new poems about food, and we shall all be sitting round a long dinner table leaping to our feet and doing recitations. I am looking forward to wearing a new red velvet pointy hat that a friend brought back from Outer Mongolia. It seems absolutely the right moment for it.

I am thinking of writing a short handbook about how to behave with the ill. It would include useful tips like…’Do not squeeze the upper arm of the ill person’ and ‘Don’t say HOW ARE YOU?’ in a meaningful way. Also don’t say ‘You look well, much better than when I last saw you.’ I think it could be a best seller. I hope you are all looking forward to the season of floating carrier bags and scared dogs. Love to all.