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Saturday 26th April 2003


I am back from a week of visiting! I spent days in Brighton with my lovely sister and partner and her three children, seeing my mum too, and Kathy (who asked to be mentioned by name!) lying about eating fairy cakes in Queen’s Park, hanging out in wierdy but nice teashops..particular favourite CONBERTS 16 Sydney Street where you could have sandwiches with the crusts cut off and tea served in proper china cups with all the silver accessories, strainers and so on. I had my eyebrows waxed, which has made me look surprised. According to my mum, if you want to say something difficult to someone, you should raise your eyebrows at them, and they won’t mind. Mine are now constantly raised so I can say what I like!

After Brighton I went to London and my duaghter and I went to the Saatchi exhibition. One of the exhibits made me feel like throwing up…it was the cow’s head and the flies. I also used my new eyebrows to complain about the cloakroom facilities which were your usual British messed up affair with a girl who looked about fifteen laboriously sticking labels onto bags with selotape, while a long, long queue silently fumed! The exhibition was such a mix of things. I was really fascinated by the sculpture Dead Dad, and kept returning to it. I liked the photographic images of Henry Vlll’s wives. But some of the stuff looked downright MOULDY I thought, particularly all the pickled animals.

We went to the Tate Modern too where two cans of juice, and a couple of flapjacks cost �6.30 !! I loved the exploding shed, and enjoyed looking at old favourites like Matisse and Miro. After that I spent the rest of the time on my friend’s sofa. I only like visiting people who I know well enough to lie on their sofas! I like London, but I tend to get lost and to walk in circles. I managed to leave my fat red mother’s purse in the back of a mini cab, but the driver returned it the following day. What honesty!

It’s nice to be home again. The rats have not returned.