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Some Swellings but Otherwise Rather Productive


It’s been a week of finishing things. I have written loads this week…done first drafts of my all five radio plays, also a radio story set in the Debatable Lands. I’ve written an article for Mslexia magazine, and set about my manifesto with renewed vigour. I spent the weekend in a busy hotel near Chesterfield with long identical corridors and wild discos in the ballroom. I managed to write all day in this setting ! In fact there is something rather inspiring about a plain room with bourbon biscuits and trouser presses!

My health has felt unsettled. We went for the results of the scans on Wednesday, and my liver has got a bit worse, and it hurts too, like having a swollen bag stuffed in your rib cage. My consultant suggested this new hormone drug, and has gone off to find out if he can get hold of some. I can’t think of the name of it…something like fazzleedex. Anyway, later I phoned the wonderful Maggie centre in Scotland and they echoed my consultants thoughts. They also filled me with hope….saying that my liver lesion was ‘wee’ and that the drug had had great results so far, so I was much cheered.

I’ve been reading a brilliant Canadian novel by Anne Marie Macdonald called Fall On Your Knees…really unusual writing and a good story too. Also Ali Smith’s short stories, which are very exciting…they make you want to jump about!

But apart from reading and writing I seem to spend so much time in the bath I worry about growing scales. It calls me, in the middle of the night sometimes! At least I am easy to buy presents for…bath stuff never goes amiss. I am glad that my symptoms present themselves one at a time. My worst one at the moment is my aching face which roars into action in the middle of the night. The swelling liver is pacified by steroids. Oh blimey, whatever next!

Thank god for acupuncture and chocolate!