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Thursday 23rd January


January seems rather busy. I’m never sure if being busy is a good thing. I try hard to relax, and I must have tried just about every form of complimentary medicine that exists. My main form of relaxation at the moment is looking at brochures of spas and amazing hotels, though I rarely go to any of them. I have acupuncture too. I find it really works. And I have an awful lot of baths at this time of year. But I’m still too hyperactive and find it very hard to do nothing. I think it’s quite an art.

What I like best is going to places where I have no domestic responsibility. I’d be happy writing in a hotel!

This weekend I’m going to London to take part in Front Row, or maybe it’s called Saturday Review on Radio Four. I’m looking forward to opining on various films and books. I’ve been listening to Lou Reed’s latest cd, which I really like. He’s quite a role model for the older rock star I think…still very original.

Otherwise, I’m reading Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain and enjoying it immensely.

More later…