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Thursday 24th October


I feel very untangled after Barcelona. We wandered up and down the Ramblas and read alot. It was so warm. My bones got warmed up! I finished Back When We Were Grown Ups by Ann Tyler. It’s a fantastic book, and I love the way she writes about the intimate details of people’s lives. Only a novel can show us these kinds of details. It’s also a book that makes you feel good about writing, as her books show you what good writing can do. Yesterday rehearsals started for Attachments, the short play that accompanies Sean O Brien’s ‘From The Underworld’ at Live Theatre this November. These plays were written specifically for actors Charlie Hardwick and Trevor Fox, who Sean and I admire hugely. Yesterday was the first day I’d heard them read the script together and it was really exciting.

Now I’m back to the Taxi Driver’s Daughter. I’m going away again soon to work on it away from everything as there’s too much going on around here!