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Thursday 8th May 2003


I am obsessed with Brazil. I like saying the word to myself. This is because I am taking my fictional characters on a journey in this next novel. Luckily, it doesn’t cost too much taking fictional people on holiday! So I’ve been reading about Brazil, meeting Brazilians, eating Brazil nuts, learning salsa dancing, drinking juice. This takes up plenty of time.

I am also making a stage play into a tv piece which is an interesting process, thinking about the small screen and what we see. It’s hard to let go of words though. Nice to be able to get up close to people’s faces. I have never had anything on television before, so I feel like a fumbling person who doesn’t know the rules. This is a pilot episode for a comedy series, based on the play Attachments that was on last year. It’s all about hoovers and artificial insemination. The play was too long so I’m cutting about half of it.

Otherwise I’m growing sunflowers and nasturtiums, and inviting people to come and raise their glasses at the poetry press launch on May 27th. I’ve been writing poems about salsa dancing and teenagers, and working on the synopsis for the new novel, although I’m not sure what will happen until I have been to Brazil. Everything is growing incredibly fast….

My reading has lost direction at the moment. I have about eight novels on the go and I’m not absorbed in any of them. Tomorrow I have a long journey on a train, so maybe I can get myself immersed then. I am going to Deptford to see an exhibition called INFALLIBLE (In Search of the Real George Elliot). I’m going to write a story for the exhibition’s website. I like things like this, that introduce a different element to writing. I especially like working from visual art.

Must go….I have to have my photo taken next to a postbox (again!).