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Tuesday 19th November 2002


I’ve come back from another week away writing. Luckily it rained all week so there wasn’t much temptation to go out. It’s interesting when you remove yourself from any domestic duties. After a few days my whole inner clock changes and I think if I stayed away for longer I would probably stay up most of the night, get up late, probably writing in bed until early afternoon. Also, I realise that however hard I might try to work like a machine, I can only WRITE for about three hours a day. However, it’s wonderful to spend the rest of the time thinking and doing nothing, and this is definitely when ideas come. Also being away with other writers helps, as we tended to spend evenings talking about problems in the work and how to overcome them.

While I was away ‘Double Lives’ opened at Live Theatre, so I didn’t see it until it had been on several nights. Charlie and Trevor are fantastic, and they have given the play so much energy. I really like writing for particular actors, and I wish I could always work that way.

I’m stuck for a good novel. I know there are hundreds of brilliant books out there, but I’ve reached that point when one can’t decide what to read next. I long to strike a new seam!