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Tuesday January 27th 2004


It’s late afternoon…today I have written a piece about ‘The Great British Public’ for Radio Four’s ‘Off The Page.’ Tomorrow I go to Bristol to record the programme. I’m also working on the outline for a Sitcom, set in a gym in Newcastle. I am feeling quite dizzy! Nothing is simple this January. There is so much work to do. The new novel still needs alot of work. Although most people who read it find it compulsive I think it needs shaking by the neck. Writing is always difficult, and there are no short cuts. So I am feeling a bit grim and stern.

I just had a great weekend in London though. I went to St Batholemews Church at Smithfield. I ate salami in Carluccios, and sat in a jacussi in Muswell Hill. I wandered round Spitalfields market eating olives. Another reason to be happy is that I sleep very well…like falling into a deep velvet darkness. I wake up completely new every morning, and it hasn’t always been like this. I have had months of insomnia! Also, I have stopped sweating. There are many reasons to be delighted. Food is mostly delicious. I have just bought a new Doctor Zeuss like lamp from a Turkish shop. Now I am going for a massage. Will return soon!