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Wednesday 11th September


Just come back from rehearsals for Doughnuts Like Fanny’s. It’s been good fun. There’s a sense of everyone rolling their sleeves up. The play has lots of songs in and a musician called Richard Stone has set them to music. There is something wonderful about writing song lyrics to a naff tune in my head, and then hearing them re-set to a good one. I spent a day with the director and actors tweaking the play, taking out all the unnecessary STUFF that clutters up language. It’s very pleasureable, like the final garnishes or something. Fanny would appreciate that. I am never going to write dot dot dot again. My scripts are full of them, and they are nearly always unnecessary.

This morning I had a meeting with Claire Malcolm at New Writing North about Diamond Twig, the small press that I co-edit with Ellen Phethean. We are going to start publishing a series of women’s plays. We

spent quite a while trying to think of a good name for the series; one that wasn’t corny. I must have spent at least a year of my existence trying to think up names for things. The cafe at Live Theatre has been redecorated and everyone looks different in it. I ate a delicious mozarella sandwich. Most sandwiches are very disappointing, but this one wasn’t. Now I must do some writing. The next thing I must finish tweaking is ‘Attachments’ a play for Live that’s on in November. One of the characters is an anaesthetist (change from a pharmacist). Apparently anaesthetists are often very fun loving people. Does anyone know any, and are they? is it something to do with always seeing others on the brink of oblivion? Hmmmm.

Thanks for the responses to the diary. I was delighted.