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Wednesday 28th May 2003


Sudden Collapses In Public Places has been launched. It was a fantastic party, with strawberries in glasses of champagne, and singing and violins, and loads of bubbly people. I really enjoyed myself. Sometimes parties are rather stressful, but this one wasn’t. It was great to see people there from all kinds of different places; from the hospital, the medical school, the theatre, the university, and writing groups. There were old friends, other women who have had breast cancer, new friends, poets, children, some babies, healers, people’s mothers, artists, scientists…etc etc. And it was quite short, which is always a good thing I think. So now the book has set sail and I can let it go. I like the look of it very much. I think ARC have done a wonderful job.

I am doing the final tweaks on the script for the TV sitcom based on the play ‘Attachments’ which is being filmed in July. I have managed to cut the original play by twenty minutes, but the wierd thing is, the story is still more or less intact. The stage play now seems like a big baggy thing. I think alot of things could do with a bit of fierce cutting (my hair?).

Thanks to recommendations I am now reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. It’s very readable, although I feel I need a good stretch with it somewhere, like a deckchair on a shady beach. I long for that feeling of being completely absorbed in a book. Life has been too fragmented lately for much lying about. I am like a wound up thing…I get more and more busy until I whiz out of control and have to do nothing for a while.

Thanks everyone who got in touch after listening to POSTIES on the radio. It’s great getting feedback after radio things!