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Tributes & MessagesAidan Oswell

Today – entirely by accident – I found a new hero. I was driving home from a meeting and tuned in about half way through the Radio 4 broadcast ofThe Dark Blue Settee read by Felicity Finch. We Geordies don’t often get the opportunity to hear representations of our own culture in such auspicious forums as R4, so I was well taken aback when I heard Tamworth Road in Arthur’s Hill get a mention. I made a mental note to look out the author of the play, which I enjoyed immensely.

On finding Julia’s website, I discovered her Manifesto For Tyneside Upon England. Superb! Here was someone who could articulate with great beauty clarity what it really means to be one of us! But even as I was relishing the experience of discovering a true Geordie creative gem, I read on through the web pages about Julia’s recent death. I was deeply saddened by this information.

I intend to collect as much of her beautiful writing as possible. May her star shine on more brightly than ever.

Aidan Oswell

Note: You can listen to the broadcast until Tuesday April 18th, via the Listen Again feature of the BBC website.