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Tributes & MessagesAlmond Kellacher

I first met Julia about twenty years ago amongst a whirlwind of women’s education courses, creative writing groups, International Women’s Day events and so on. We would often bump into each other at the metro station on our way to these various events, Julia pushing a pram with her eldest daughter inside.

Since then our lives have occasionally woven together at shared workplaces, social events or creative writing events.

I have fond memories of sitting at her kitchen table eating home made soup discussing the art of writing. She gave me encouragement and support with my own writing which gave me the confidence to continue with a writing project at that time.

I will always remember her warm smiles and that she would always stop to say hello. I will remember Julia as a brave but always warm and friendly woman who has touched the hearts of so many.

My thoughts are also to Bev and Julia’s daughters.

Almond Kellacher