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Tributes & MessagesBob White

I remember so clearly that night when Julia shyly read her poems for the first time to six privileged people in her bedroom beside the Town Moor in Newcastle, and how stunned we all were by Small Beauties: "You are too small, and too beautiful to ignore". Then with Bev and Scarlet and Florrie she came to see us in Australia, twice, and there is a little room in a warehouse in Fremantle where she signed her name as she finished Crocodile Soup, and it is still there. It is her suddenly radiant smile and beautiful voice I will remember most, and her gloriously kind sense of humour and fun. She taught us all how to live and to love, and she did not deserve that shadowing over her vibrant life. She taught us all, with her light within, how to face pain and adversity with frank courage, and through her writing she carried us generously right to the verge of her precious life. Goodbye, Julia.

Bob White