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Tributes & MessagesFiona Ellis

We were incredibly proud when Julia became the second holder of our Northern Rock Foundation Writer’s Award. She was a wonderful writer and a quite extraordinary ambassador for writing. Actually, as it happened, she was an ambassador for life but we didn’t know that then. Reading her weblog over the past weeks has confirmed for me what a generous heart and intellect she had. Not for her the quiet withdrawal into herself in what she knew were her last days and hours. She didn’t seem to want self protection. Even her introspective thoughts always seemed to be wider than herself.

I want to add that my partner and I benefited also from her generosity on a personal level when my partner’s cancer was diagnosed. She said and did really helpful things and after the worst of it was over she said: there’s a lot more to you than just somebody who had cancer. While stupid cancer dominated the management of Julia’s life it never seemed to dominate her spirit, her imagination or her zest for life.

Bye Julia. We’ll think of you often. And our thoughts are with Bev and the girls too.

Fiona Ellis
Northern Rock Foundation