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Tributes & MessagesHolly Reed Macrae

Thursday 8th April 2005

It seems cliché to write,
To send contemplative ‘Goodbye’s’
Inundated with heartfelt sympathy
Dressed in a sugary guise.

It feels wrong and raw
To defy my truest heart
For as long as i have known you
This disease has been a part.

Snapping at the heels of life
Prowling, ready to pounce.
Throwing body and mind into turmoil,
Made manifest ounce by ounce.

The waiting, makes an end surreal.
Numbs and undermines,
Obscure but familiar death,
Dampens the fear we feel.

Choking down the Solid Air
And never losing the will,
May You Never fear what is unknown
Retrospectively but happy you’ll wander Over the Hill.

So in the musical arms of John Martyn
Will you meet a peaceful end.
Know there are many you’ve touched deeply,
Used words as a comforting friend.

To the one I once knew
As my mummy in reserve
See this poem not written in vain
But as a creative dedication, to your inspirational verve.

Every time I came on this site i would find myself sitting down to write a poem, song or just a ramble about the world. As Julia’s health worsened, my thoughts were often with her. I logged on and read How to Behave With The Ill and in true form, sat down and wrote this poem for her. Regrettably, I didn’t mange to get it to her and so …. this poem inspired by and written for you, Julia, is available on-line…. I hope you’re still logging on and relishing in everybody’s loving and admiring words.

Thank you for inspiring me in what I love doing most.

Holly Reed Macrae