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Tributes & MessagesJane Bradish-Ellames

I will never forget reading the manuscript of Crocodile Soup for the first time. I had written to Julia after reading one of her short stories and months later, here was a novel. Sitting in my office, the hairs rose on my arms and I knew that this was probably the find of my literary agent’s career.

I called over to my friend, Hannah Griffiths, whose reading pile was in skyscrapers around her and begged her to read it simultaneously. I will never forget us getting together half way through, dancing around the office, knowing, knowing we were reading such an original writer: an extraordinary imagination, a beautiful sense of humour, a lightness of touch in language that defied the depth of meaning just below.

I was so proud to be her agent but I was prouder to be her friend. Her work meant a great deal to me but her friendship is what I shall forever treasure. Always welcoming, she never once let me down. I shall miss you so much, Julia.

Jane Bradish-Ellames