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Tributes & MessagesJudith Murray

I represented Julia and her prose writing for the last year of her life. She sent me the typescript of The Cure for Dying, her most recent, unfinished novel, last January. I read it and her previous novel, The Taxi Driver’s Daughter, and, like so many other of her readers, fell in love with Julia’s beguilingly humorous and humane narrative voice. I loved her curious eye for the surprising in the every day and her ability to find lyricism in (supposedly) ordinary events and lives. I also loved her hopefulness, her resilience and her great sense of faith in humanity’s potential for good: these personal qualities infused her writing style and the portrayal of her characters and the atmosphere of her novels. She was as uplifting a writer to read as she was to meet in person; and her writing had a confiding quality that made you feel special – just as when you met her, you felt singled out and charmed by her warmth and sweetness of personality, her intelligence and humour, and her sheer zest for life.

I was so impressed by the incredible range and richness of her creative work — including short stories, novels, poetry, plays, her weblog and her teaching of creative writing. What amazing energy and enthusiasm and generosity of spirit she had. She was a wonderful, inspiring writer and a truly lovely woman. I was very proud to be her agent, albeit sadly for so short a time, and I miss her very much.

Judith Murray
Greene & Heaton Ltd