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Tributes & MessagesLinda Parvin

I discovered Julia’s writing three years ago on the suggestion of numerous friends. I don’t know how it took me so long – take up Creative Writing in the North East at any time in the last decade and Julia’s work was beautifully unavoidable.

To me Julia was like a glow worm. She could light a room simply with her impish grin, and on speaking, sent out sparks of enthusiasm that continued to grow inside people long after.

I found her weblog extraordinarily moving – in her circumstances she should have been the one who was doing the taking, not the giving, yet there was often some nugget of existential wisdom that was truly magical and inspiring for all sorts of other scenarios.

Julia, may you party long with the other departed souls, that inhabit the shoes, that hang from trees in the Vale. I was just one face in the audiences at your readings who never got to say ‘hello’, but was touched hugely by your work and your life.

Linda Parvin