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Tributes & MessagesMaria

I met Julia briefly a couple of years ago when I attended a writing workshop she was running for women in Brighton. The genuine warmth, respect and encouragement she showed towards each one of us and our writing stayed with me, and I’ve recalled it countless times when I’ve worried my writing was ‘not good enough’. Recently, I contacted Julia to invite her to speak at a conference I was organising (Lapidus – organisation for use of literary arts in personal development). Again she was warm and enthusiastic, but made it clear she might not be able to attend if her health had deteriorated. Sadly it did, and Julia was unable to come. To honour her work and her life, myself and another delegate read some of Julia’s poems at the conference, and also extracts from her weblog. Many people were moved by her words, but also somehow left feeling joyous. One person said Julia had an ‘incredible spirit’. My own feeling was Julia was full of love and light and probably continues to be so, somewhere.