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Tributes & MessagesMike White

A few years ago Julia helped us develop the Common Knowledge arts in health network for Tyne and Wear Health Action Zone, and she immediately engaged participants in making the subject of art in health enter their personal experience. Her television piece last year for BBC’s Inside Out said more for art in health in 15 minutes than I’ve heard in 15 years.

Julia embodied art in health, always speaking about it from the everyday and the personal, looking into the heart of illness and finding healthy messages therein. Art in health is too often regarded as a treatment rather than as a channel for expression, which is probably why the health and medical sector challenge it to be evaluated as a clinical practice. But Julia’s web log shows it is about testimony and participation, and about celebrating the “difficult patient’s” experience – what better evidence can there be?

Mike White,
Centre for Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine.