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Tributes & MessagesSara Furse

I was so saddened to hear that Julia had died last week ….. we have lost yet another great voice and immense personality to cancer. I knew Julia in the early 1980s in Newcastle. As an eager young feminist art student, I joined Sugar & Spikes, the women’s cabaret group she founded, and made them, along with Jazawaki women’s band, the subject of my dissertation and a lousy betamax video documentary on women in entertainment. In the past week I have had a few giggles remembering us in our pink boiler suits delivering sketches about caps in mouths to a bemused audience in a working men’s club on Tyneside ~ went down like a lead balloon I seem to remember! Julia was an inspiration ~ 100% committed, warm, funny, generous, talented, courageous …… much missed by so many. Wherever you are now Julia, I am sure you are flying. My thoughts are with Bev, Scarlet, Florrie and all of Julia’s close friends and family.

Sara Furse