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Tributes & MessagesSuzanne Duce

In Nov 2004 I sent an e-mail to Julia and to my delight she responded, with the ease and good cheer that one would expect from a dear friend. She was muse, inspiration, the very heart of courage. Impish and laughing; serious and determined. She had wide arms that embraced all the edge-walkers, eccentrics, and weary people. She gave me a glimpse of the art of living and the arduous task of dying while still filled with life. So much to do. I feel she will not want to "rest in peace" for very long! She will be up and doing, moving us along in our dreams, throwing shoes and gauntlets into our paths, so we stop and question, remember to get on with living, appreciate every breath, every step. To write, write, write and never to give up.

My love to Julia’s beloved; and to all her family and friends.

Suzanne Duce