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Tributes & MessagesTony Fiddes

The very first time I picked up Julia we talked a while. It was raining and it seemed foolish to get out of the car when she was early. It might stop we both said. I talked to her about my football articles for The Mag – a Newcastle United fanzine. She told me about her ongoing work as a writer in residence and about her latest ideas. She used Five Star taxis all the time and I picked her up several times after that. I now knew she had ‘been through the mill’ and you know something – she never moaned. I thought she had won her big battle. However, working mainly on the management side in the office and not on the road, meant I hadn’t seen her for a while. I often wondered which of the lads were now picking her up and giving her some little anecdotes for another Taxi Drivers Daughter. So now, on the very day I had sent my book idea off to a publisher I am confronted by a newspaper article reporting that Julia has been taken from us. Well, the nice idea, rejection email, came the very next day. So quick.

What would Julia do – I thought?

Keep on trying, sounds good to me and for the brief moment our lives crossed, the inspiration and motivation was worth its weight in gold.

Tony Fiddes