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Tributes & MessagesTopsy Qur’et

This poem was written by Julia in response to a postal request from me asking her to listen to the song Acrobat by the band Maximo Park and write a response. It was part of a mail art project I was running at Waygood Gallery last summer. I’d asked 10 local bands / musicians to record some of their work onto the blank CD I’d sent which I then posted on to one of 10 writers. I paired Julia with Maximo Park. The band had written a song especially for the project – Acrobat, (which will feature on their first album – out next month). Julia really liked the song and responded almost immediately. I have posted her poem here as many will not have seen it before.


I am not a pigeon, carrying this message.
I have no feathers. I live in Heaton.
I am not a parcel, I have no strings,
I am not registered, or overweight.
I am not an email, my words are tethered.
I am not a telephone, or a text.
I am an envelope, coming home to you.
I’m so flat, I can slip between your cracks.
And I will hold you, you will remember me.
Keep me in the quiet box beneath your bed.

Julia Darling

My love goes to everyone close to Julia

Topsy Qur’et