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Archived Event Rendezvous: A celebration of the life and work of Julia Darling

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Took place on: Thursday 28 May - Saturday 6 June 2015

To mark the tenth anniversary of Julia’s death, Live Theatre is commissioning short plays inspired by her work.

During her time as writer in residence at Live Theatre from 2001 to 2003, Julia wrote The Last Post, Attachments, Venetia Love Goes Netting, Personal Belongings and Sudden Collapses in Public Places. In addition to her plays, she was always generous to and supportive of colleagues, writers and emerging artists making new work.

These pieces will feature some of Live Theatre’s past collaborators as well as some exciting new faces working with us for the first time.

Live Theatre is pleased to announce the writers that will be taking part in Rendezvous as:

Currently Under Construction
By Laura Lindow (Sawdust & Stardust and Your Aunt Fanny)

A funny, powerful play that follows the life of a hospital park bench and the fragments of the stories of the people that come and go.

Inspired by Julia’s poetry Sudden Collapses In Public Places.

The Light
By Deborah Bruce (director of Geoff Dead: Disco For Sale)

The Light examines our need for comfort and reassurance when we are about to embark on one of life’s big decisions. Jack’s getting married to Charlie, but there’s something missing. We look for signs and interpret them to explore our hopes and fears. Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing the right thing with the right person? Am I doing the right thing with the right person at the right time? How do we know if everything’s going to be alright?

Inspired by Julia Darling’s poem Two Lighthouses.

Words With Love
By Nina Berry (10 Minutes to…)

This is a story about love. The first utterly unconventional and totally accidental and the second, well you’ll find out soon enough… Meet Sophie she’s a lover of all things outdoorsy only she’s afraid of leaving her front door. Meet Nick he’s a bit hopeless to say the least but his heart is always in the right place. These two awkward individuals’ worlds collide by way of an accidental letter but what happens when the letters must stop?

This is a story about love. A story about trust, about losing yourself in another person, about losing yourself in letters and about falling in love with the world outside all over again.

Inspired by Julia’s letter writing which she interweaved into her plays Venetia Love Goes Netting and The Last Post.

By Holly Reed Macrae
Holly will be working with Live Theatre for the first time having recently graduated from the Theatre’s Introduction to Playwriting course and Live Writer’s Group.

Anti-Gravity is a stark depiction of a mother and daughter’s transit against the tide of illness. The play explores how legacy meanders through generations, role reversal and the role of laughter as a floatation device.

Holly is being mentored by writer Karin Young, a friend and long-time associate of Julia Darling, who was also writer-in-residence at Live Theatre and is now a senior scriptwriter on ITV’s Emmerdale.

Influenced by Julia’s poetry Sudden Collapses In Public Places.