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The Julia Darling Travel Fellowship


The Julia Darling Travel Fellowship was inspired by Julia’s love of travel, which provided a rich seam of material for her work. Julia was also a kind and generous writer who went out of her way to support and encourage many other writers and aspiring writers to develop their work and creativity. In this spirit, the Travel Fellowship aims to support a writer with funding for travel and accommodation. The aim is to raise funds through donations in order to offer the fellowship on an annual basis.

This years’ judges were Bev Robinson (Julia’s partner), Florrie Darling (Julia’s daughter), Linda France (poet and writer) and Ellen Phethean (co- publisher with Diamond Twig, co- Poetry Virgin, poet and writer). The four judges met last month to consider forty-two submissions from poets, playwrights and novelists, and finally selected the winner.

More information about the Julia Darling Fellowship can be found on the New Writing North’s webpage by clicking here