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This award is enabled through the generous support and donations from family, friends, writers and artists that knew Julia and those that valued her writing and teaching.

Our desire is to build up a foundation of regular donors to give the award some security, and would love for you to help us make this happen. We would like to make the Julia Darling Travel Fellowship an annual award of £2,000, and will be working hard to fundraise through events and activities. From the enthusiasm and outpouring of memories that accompanied the celebrations of Julia’s work in 2015, we know that there are many people who want to honour the memories that they have of Julia. We hope that supporting this fellowship will enable people to make a commitment to furthering the spirit of Julia’s life.

Donations to the fellowship will be managed by New Writing North via a designated fund and as a registered charity they are also able to process Gift Aid, ensuring that any funds that you donate can also be maximised in this way.

One-off donations

You can make a one-off donation by either sending a cheque payable to New Writing North to our address below, or by donating via the Just Giving page. On this page you can also set up personal fundraising campaigns that can be focussed towards this cause and you could also consider undertaking a sporting or creative challenge of some sort to raise funds to the support the Fellowship.

Direct Debit

If you are interested in supporting the award in the long term you can do so by donating on a regular basis by setting up a yearly direct debit – the amount you pledge is entirely up to you. This commitment from friends and family will create a foundation fund that can be developed further with focused fund-raising initiatives.

Supporters of the Fellowship

Many thanks to:

  • David Almond
  • Linda Anderson
  • Deborah Bruce & Jeremy Herrin
  • Jan Clements
  • Tim Dalling
  • Fiona Ellis
  • Pat Fisher
  • Kitty Fitzgerald
  • Tessa Green
  • Christopher Goulding
  • Lee Hall
  • Charlie Hardwick
  • Sky Hawkins
  • Emma Holiday
  • Heather Holmes
  • Pat Hunter
  • Philip Hunter
  • Jackie Kay
  • Peter & Margaret Lewis
  • Pippa Little
  • Mary
  • Heather & Mike Mavro Michealis
  • Leslie Nicholson
  • Peter and Wendy Robinson
  • Nicky Rushton
  • Maria Sears
  • Tom Shakespeare
  • Jean Spence
  • Natalie Stern
  • Maggie Thacker
  • Sarah Van Jellie
  • Helen Walker
  • Phillipa Wilson
  • Iggy Sutcliffe & Karin Young
  • The Poetry Virgins

This is what some of the supporters of the prize have said:

“Julia was an huge inspiration to me and she was a beacon of good sense, humour, ambition and right mindedness – as well as being a fabulous person whom I adored – so I would very much like to help remember her. [The Julia Darling Travel Fellowship] seems a really great and creative way to do that.”

Lee Hall, playwright

”I’m delighted to support this great venture. Julia was a brilliant and bold writer. She was also a generous and inspirational woman who had a strong impact on the lives and work of those who knew her. She would have been delighted with this fellowship, which offers such a great opportunity for writers to produce new work.”

David Almond, novelist

“I love the fact that Julia who loved to travel so much herself, on and off trains and planes, is now helping others to fly. Here’s to all the journeys. Julia would be raising her glass!”

Jackie Kay, novelist, poet and playwright

‘[I am] Delighted to support this award. We all benefit when someone talented expands their horizons and shares with us what they learn. That’s what Julia did – even when she visited dark reaches of the soul.’

Fiona Ellis, former Director of the Northern Rock Foundation