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Piers In Piers Out

The ‘Piers In’ window was installed at Navigation House, Port of Tyne, South Shields in 2002. The window was designed and fabricated by architectural glass artist Cate Watkinson with words by Julia.

It celebrates the colour, change, industry and general bustle, which are characteristic of the port. Large architectural structures are important features in the port: the cranes, the huge ships, the ship repair yards and the harbour walls. The window is designed around a crane structure. Sweeping lines bring the eye round the design representing the circular nature of trade, in and out of the port.

Julia found inspiration for the words following a boat trip with Port of Tyne staff. She wrote:

“Everything at the Port of Tyne is moving and changing: cargo is brought in and shipped out, and there is a continual flow of imports and exports. ‘Piers in, piers out’ is the phrase used to describe a ship passing the two pier points at the mouth of the Tyne. ‘Top in, top out, jib in, jib out’ are guiding cries between crane drivers and dockers while bringing cargo to and from holds. The phrases sound like a sea shanty, echoing a sense of shifting goods and are used all the time by those who work at the Port.”

Original artwork