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Julia collaborated with the photographer Sharon Bailey on a number of projects including Tangles and Starburst, Home Truths, Art posters for buses in County Durham and a photography exhibition that ran with the play Eating the Elephant about breast cancer.

Sharon outlines working with Julia on these projects

“I first worked with Julia on a series of projects made in residential care settings with Equal Arts.  Over the next ten years we collaborated many more times combining my photographs and her words to make books, exhibitions, table mats, posters for buses and a series of light boxes with audio that toured with her play Eating The Elephant.

In our projects we told peoples stories and thoughts through words and pictures, often connecting with people who were living their lives in difficult circumstances.  Our book Tangles and Starbursts commissioned by The Alzheimer’s Society won the Arts Council Raymond Williams Community Publishing prize.

I loved working with Julia. She was inspirational and had a fiercely optimistic and cheerful outlook. We shared a passion for storytelling, for celebrating a so-called ordinary life lived and we made each other laugh a lot.”

Tangles and Starburst

Home Truths

Posters for Durham Buses