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Small Beauties

Julia’s debut collection was published as a pamphlet in 1988 and includes the title poem ‘Small Beauties’.

Out of print

Julia’s debut collection was published as a pamphlet in 1988 by Newcastle upon Tyne City Libraries. During 1987 and 1988 Julia worked as a writer with groups throughout Newcastle, and spent much time performing her poetry in pubs and community centres. The work that grew out of these experiences was published following a residence at City Library. The title poem ‘Small Beauties’ was later published in Sauce and is included in the anthology.

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Small Beauties

Let the milk boil over;
the half-filled tins of baked beans sit on the table,
children scribble on the walls with crayons,
clothes heap in riotous mountains.

I am reading a book.
Let the bells ring, bills lie unopened,
doors slam open then bash shut, letters unwritten,
plants unwatered, bread get hard as a rock.

I am thinking about the moon.
Let the bank get nasty, the grass grow high,
children decorate themselves with lipstick,
build houses within houses in every room,
pee on the floor, pull doll’s heads off.

I am looking for a door.
Oh, come here, you small beauties,
together we shall run across the town moor,
with waving fingers, running for our lives.

You are too small, and too beautiful, to ignore.