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Eating the Elephant and Other Plays

ISBN o-9541456-4-X


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Eating the Elephant and Other Plays brings together Julia’s plays for stage and radio. This collection includes Eating the Elephant, Head of Steel, The Women Who Painted Ships, Venitia Love Goes Netting, The Last Post, Personal Belongings, Doughnuts Like Fanny’s and Attachments and her radio plays, Sea Life, Posties and Appointments. Each play is introduced by Julia.

I fell into writing theatre. I never wanted ot be a playwright, but theatre was a world I naturally leant towards, and which appealed to my love of the oral tradition in poetry, of working with others, of rooms full of laughter or emotion.

Jerremy Herrin, director, introduces Julia Darling's theatre plays

These plays were written as gifts: always offerings for an unsuspecting but invariably charmed audience; often specific treats for particular performers or companies; and always given with an almost casual kindness.

Sue Roberts, BBC Radio, introduces Julia Darling's radio plays

This is radio drama at it’s best. Tight stories. Strong characters. Real dialogue with rhythm and poise. Streets we know. The drama of a life next door we can all recognise and relate to.