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About to Eat A Boiled Egg In Sussex


I’ve landed in an extension of heaven! I am staying in a tiny cottage in Sussex, nestling into a hill, surrounded by primroses. Slept in a four poster bed last night!! Some kind friends have let me stay here, while I wait for the arrival of my sister’s baby, Tiger. Tiger is due this week in Brighton. I can’t wait to meet him/her.

Also, my doctor has gone on holiday, so I am sort of on holiday too. Last time I saw him he said that my liver function test was ok, so I could carry on without chemo for another month. So we are all in a delightful bracket of time when we can do what we like! There is not one thing in this cottage I don’t like. I like the eggcups, I like the stairs, I like the knives and forks, I like the way the light filters into the rooms through small windows.

This week I am going to learn a poem that I can recite at parties. My daughter wants to learn all the words of a ballad. We will gain friends and influence people with these new skills! It was fun driving down here with my daughter. We pretended to be foreign and talked for ages in a sophisticated manner.

I must eat this boiled egg. Oh eggy Easter!!!