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Friday 13th September


Last night I went to the launch of Andrea Badenoch’s new crime novel ‘Loving Geordie’. It was held in Benwell Library in Newcastle, where Andrea had worked with a local history group researching the local landscape for the novel, which is based on the Mary Bell era, when much of Scotswood was being pulled down around people. It was a really interesting opening, with members of the local history group speaking, an exhibition of photographs, and readings by the actor Trevor Fox. I’m looking forward to reading it, although I’m still reading ‘Instances of the Number Three’ by Salley Vickers.

It feels like Newcastle is waking up again after the Summer. There’s hundreds of students wandering around outside with bright tee shirts and big straw hats on. Dingy looking men are giving out flyers about various bars they can get drunk at.

It turns out lots of people read this diary….eek.