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Monday 19th May 2003


It’s Monday morning. I am in my writing room with the radio on about to listen to POSTIES. It’s funny, listening to things when they are ON AIR….like being part of a huge invisible audience.

I spent the weekend in Leeds, having a break, with my mum. We stayed in a hotel called Quebecs that had very squashy beds and raspberries for breakfast, which I still think of as a luxury fruit. It was interesting being a tourist in a Northern city. I mean you could become a tourist at any point couldn’t you, just by stepping out of your life, putting on a hat, walking slowly and hanging about art galleries and craft shops. I am going to do it in Newcastle. Anyway, we went to odd places, like a small independent cinema in Hyde Park with ancient seats and a red dust screen curtain. Before the film we sat in a cafe called Bakara (I think) where students drank mint tea and smoked medicinal hookahs in low sofas. Everywhere we went people were incredibly kind and helpful, telling us how to get to places and giving advice. We also went to the City Art Gallery which is full of sofas and comfey places to sit. There was a model of Anthony Gormley’s ‘brick man’ which is a large angel of the north type sculpture which hasn’t yet been made. I was doing a project taking photographs of my thumb in different settings, so I have photos of my thumb in a hotel bed, in the markets, in the gallery and so on. This is my latest idea for a writing workshop…you write postcards from parts of the body in different places ie my Shins in Spain!

This week I am working on the script for the tv thing. It’s taking shape now, and is no longer a stage play at all.