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Monday 7th April 2003


I just went for a hospital appointment with Doctor Verril. This was to get the results of my scan. I wasn’t looking forward to it, as in my experience results are usually bad. Also there’s no point getting worked up, because the results might not be there, so I am very good at entering a dreamlike state when I go into the RVI. I read an article about Monica Lewinksky. The waiting room was eerily empty and the nurses were twittering and giggling in the corridor. The atmosphere was like a girls boarding school at half term. However Doctor Verril was there and we got called in quite swiftly. He read out the results which showed no sign of any mestatises (probably spelt wrong) at all. It’s as if the cancer has dried up. There is a bit of fluid in my pleural cavities, but not enough to worry about. I asked him why and he said it could be anything. Still, good news. It means that I don’t have to have any more treatment for a while. I believe that this remission is due to the combination of acupuncture, Doris the healer, and Doctor Verril, and me. Together I think we are a formidable team.

I am going off on another retreat this week to work on the new book. It’s forming in my head all the time. I can’t stop thinking about it. I keep turning over ideas about Northern Magic Realism too. Last night I went to listen to David Almond read at The Blue Room…his work inhabits a childlike world where the imagination interweaves with reality. I’m interested in that place, where truth and lies mix up together. I love his work. I just read (thanks Joanne) A True Story Based On Lies, a short Mexican novel by an author whose name I’ve temporarily forgotten. Her work inhabits the same territory.

I think this new novel will take me to South America!