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Probably about 30th Dec 2002, but who knows?


After Christmas is quite a delirious time. I’m never quite sure what to do. I’ve cleared up all the Christmas cards. I would quite like to live in a white box for a while. It’s a good time for reading. This Christmas I read Jonathon Coe’s The Rotter’s Club, which I’d started before and lost interest. This time I ploughed on, and I really enjoyed it. Books are often like that I suppose. There’s a right moment for each story. Anyway the Rotter’s Club is all about the seventies and reel to reel tape recorders, and caring about politics. I was always walking about with a banner in the seventies even when I was about twelve. The only thing about it is I felt there were several unanswred questions which I think Coe intends to answer in the sequel, but which I find I can’t stop thinking about now. I don’t really like sequels.

Then I read Jackie Kay’s Straw Girl, her first book for children. I loved it. It’s full of sweet smelling cows and suffering and bravery. It’s a fantastic read, and I’m going to give it to every child I know. Then, still feeling childlike, I read The Masters of The Slavery, which is the second book in a trilogy by William Nicholson. Last Christmas I read The Wind Singer. I liked the first book better. This one is rather war like, and reminded me of Gladiator, which he also wrote. I’m not really an action/fighting-loving sort of reader. His books are full of interesting ideas though, about power and societies etc. What shall I read now? A L Kennedy perhaps. Then I think I’ll read Middlemarch. And lots of poetry.

I hope all my diary readers had a lovely time. I wonder what 2003 will bring? I’m looking forward to a peaceful writing year and hoping they’ll be no wars, internally or externally or anywhere really.