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Saturday 22nd Feb 2003


I’m about to go on holiday to South Africa! Yippee. It will be really hot. We’re staying in a place outside Capetown by the sea. There are baboons and surfers. Hard to imagine when you’re in Newcastle in February. I shall return as a bronzed babe with sand between my toes.

This week I’ve has a rather busy social life. Wednesday was the PROUD WORDS AGM. THis is a year long festival of creative writing for lesbians, gays and bisexuals and friendly people. There are workshops and readings and other things. I was around when it began about four years ago. Now it’s got accounts and a constitution and all sorts. I went down to do a poetry reading after AOB. I got given a beautiful glass bowl made by my friend Cate Watkinson as an award for services. It was unexpected and really lovely. Now I don’t know where to put this wonderful objet d’art. I move it all around the house.

Rosie Lugosi, the vampire lesbian did a set of songs and poems on the same night. Although I’m a cocoa and pyjamas girl myself, she was very entertaining with her whip and wig (sounds like a pub).

On Thurdsay there was an art opening of paintings by Emma Holliday. Emma paints familiar places from around the area, like the Baltic, the river, buildings etc, and is a wonderful colourist. She is really producing some fantastic work at the moment. I met Clare and Shirley, who I said I would mention in my weblog…they were looking very well, I thought. I was glad to see that Emma had cheese and pineapple on sticks, as lately you seem to get nothing but crisps at such dos!

Now I must pack my flip flops and beach towels. Wish me luck!