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Sleep and Drugs and Sudden Recoveries


I am getting on top of all my ailments, thanks to the hospice twiddling with my drugs. There are still some twiddles going on, as I am either too exciteable, or too sleepy, but my aching face is much improved, and my foot is all right. In fact I think I am nearly a normal person again, so thanks again everyone for the avalanche of soup recipes and good wishes that seem to keep me afloat!

Do you know they tried to rename the hospice….to call it The Marie Curie Centre? But they couldn’t raise so much money, so it went back to being a hospice. I have been thinking up names , such as Centre For Balance, House of Love and Drugs, Palace of Improvement (now I am getting silly!). I doubt if anyone would donate money to a House of Love and Drugs. Anyway, I spent Tuesday there while they did the twiddling and it was very pleasant. The walls were pink, and there were the usual flower pictures on the walls, but what was I expecting…Jackson Pollock? The food wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping. It was quite hospital shaped on plastic plates; roast parsnips, mashed potato, steamed pud. But I did realise that I didn’t need respite. By the end of the day I was aching to go home, full of beans, pacing the quiet corridors.

I’ve got lots of stuff on the radio in early 2005. On Friday 21st January I’ve got a story being read by Gina Mckee (the one from Our Friends In the North) at 3.30 on Radio Four, and Appointments are being broadcast on Women’s Hour in Jan/Feb. I will post up the date as soon as I get it. In early January I am going to Manchester to take part in the recording. I love radio work, and meeting actors, and being on the spot changing stuff. Can’t wait. And I am staying at a posh hotel next to the BBC with huge baths and chandeliers, so that will be very appropriate.

I’m spending Christmas with my family in Somerset. Can’t wait.