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Staying Still, Feeling Peculiar


I am fine as long as I don’t move too fast. This has probably been true all my life but I just didn’t realise it. I used to worry about lots of things that weren’t important. My swelly belly dislikes jumps and turns. It doesn’t like sitting up much. I am very lucky to have a job which involves a sofa and a community of very nice people. Imagine driving a crane in this condition! Don’t worry Manchester, I am going to get there tomorrow…a crane would be useful actually. I am being put on a train at newcastle, then picked up in Manchester. I am really looking forward to going to the old library. Last time I went there I was late, and I burst into an adult education class (were they studying family trees?) yelling ‘I’m here! I’m here!’

I am reading with Chrissie Gittins which will be fun.

No, I can’t claim that it’s been a time of health and bounciness. I have had some lovely communications though. I just limped upstairs to the staff room in the university and found a delicious envelope with ruby sunflowers in it, and a painting.

The snow has been a bit overwhelming, but it’s stopped now. All the daffs are closed, and mean looking, and I can’t think of anything I feel like eating. I only like ice cream and yogurt. My face is much better since I started the Russian treatment, so that’s great, and I sleep blissfully.

The Manifesto for A New City is in rehearsals as I write this. Eleven actors are singing their hearts out. The show tours Hexham, Newbury, Alnwick, The Customs House South Shields, The Arc Stockton, The Tron in Glasgow, and probably other places I have forgotten. I don’t think I have ever had so large a cast since the days I wrote for youth theatre ! It’s very exciting….and loud!! I am keen on loud singing. It clears out the dust. And stamping. I like stamping.

Otherwise, this weekend me and my family are going to Paris with little old easyjet. In my manifesto I ban easyjet! I shall probably spend most of my time lying on a different chaise longue.

I long to feel less swelly. Tomorrow I am seeing my consultant, but I doubt if he will have a magic cure up his sleeve. I need popping!

The First Aid Kit for the Mind is developing..I will let everyone know when we launch it. At the moment I am searching for things to make it smell nice…vanilla pods and cinammon. I am also sorting out poems for the cubicles of the local hospital. Also, the Bloodaxe Anthology is now orderable and looking beautiful….see Bloodaxe’s catalogue on the web.

Love to all of you out there, may all our symptoms behave themselves and our nights be sweet as Manuka. Does everyone out there know about Quinoa….bloody marvellous stuff, keeps you regular!

This is turning into Nurse Julia’s column. I shall aim to be more literary next time.