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Thursday 30th Jan 2003


So I went to London, and sat watching About Schmidt in Covent Garden in the afternoon. In my quest for relaxation it seems that sitting in cinemas is a good wheeze, especially if one is being paid for it. The film was fantastic. I never really liked Jack Nicholson that much, but he’s really good in this film. It’s so well written. Then I went to Broadcasting House and was quickly ushered into a recording studio, where I did my best to have opinions. It’s very hard to converse in those situations. The other participants made statements that sounded very well thought out. I seemed to dart into the discussion with quick quips. Still it was good to have all these things to think about in January, and it was all over quite quickly.

I met my agent and realised that the new novel comes out in June! Usually books take years to reach the shelves, so that you’ve just about forgotten them by the time everyone wants to ask you questions. June will be a lovely time for a book to blossom.

Now I’m immersed in short plays/stories for Woman’s Hour. There’s always a deadline on the horizon.