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Very late. Monday 14th July


Feels like we’re all in the throes of Mid summer madness! I’ve been up late dancing, and carousing, in the wild gardens of Newcastle, and you don’t even need a cardigan! Everyone is sweating, which is nice if you get hot flushes, or less lonely anyway.

And I’m getting ready for Brazil, and have been packing my fictional character’s suitcases for them. Also, down at Live Theatre, the play Attachments is becoming the tv comedy Cold Calling. It’s been shortened down to 23 minutes (from 45 mins). There’s a whole HOUSE been built for it, and a new hoover (the play is about a hoover salesman, sudden death, and artificial insemination). It’s been filmed infront of a live audience. It’s interesting, this journey from stage to screen. The actors are doing brilliantly (Trevor Fox and Charlie Hardwick), and the characters are becoming more intense, more undiluted, less dramatic and more internalised.

On Sunday it was the annual Pride Dog Show, and I am glad to say that Heidi, the dog who we share with our neighbours, won three rosettes: for looking like one of her owners (not me). For ‘best trick’ (rolling over) and she did very well on the obstacle course thingy. I was sitting about eating cake and drinking thermos tea. I was disappointed that she didn’t do better in the fancy dress…she was wearing tennis whites and carrying a tennis racket….but Harry Potter won, with a ‘hot dog’ as a second.

I just read Property, the novel that won the Orange Prize. It’s a really good read and the kind of book you can whiz through in a few hours. The central character is interesting,fascinating and I didn’t like her much. It’s the kind of novel that is very heightened and intense. I also read ‘The Lovely Bones’ in a couple of days (Alice Sebald). This is a very special novel, I think, and beautifully written. I’m reading Murakami’s stories which are strange and compulsive. I want to find more Murakami readers and ask them what they think his work is about. I don’t know what to read in Brazil. Life of Pi maybe? Maybe I will be too busy doing the samba on the Cococabana?